Allah is the name of God in Quran and is considered sacrad & specific by Muslims but do Non-muslims too have the right of calling God by this name?

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07/12/2009- Homosexuality has been prevelent in the society since the time immemorial religion has always condemned it but at the same time works like Kamasutra have never discouraged it.It is a harm to soceity and the individual health but can it be controlled by a legislation against it. or repealing a legislation would mean an uncontrolled spread of it, is to be seen. Read More
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03/28/2009- At a retreat for novices, I noticed girls in my batch were unsettled about going to the confession chamber. I found that the priest there asked each girl if he could kiss them. I gathered courage and went in. He repeated the question. When I opposed, he quoted from the Bible which spoke of divine kisses Read More
03/20/2009- Terrorism is an act of cowerdise and is not permitted in islam so anybody doing it in the name of religion can't be called a muslim. Read More
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